Friday, 22 August 2014

Clothing Haul

Hi guys sorry I have been pretty distant for a while, however I recently bought a few pieces of clothing that have really enlightened my wardrobe and lightened my purse.

TK Maxx

From TK Maxx I bought a numerous amount of things,but what initially caught my eye was this Steve Madden biker jacket. I've seen many biker jackets from many stores however I haven't found one that is long enough, cool enough and that reflects my personality; however this biker jacket ticks all the boxes with the price £59.99 and is a size 'M'. I'm unsure of the original price however all I know is that it was a bloody bargain!

Another item purchased was this Duster Coat which is just an essential that I absolutely LOVE. Ever since I bought this coat I have incorporated it into almost all of my outfits which compliments my simplistic style. The coat stops just at the knee and has a slit at the back. Although it is a duster coat, it is certainly not thick enough to wear during the winter, however can be worn during the summer. Again, unsure of the original price but it was however £29.99.

The last thing I bought from TK Maxx was probably the best buy during the shopping trip, purely because of the price of the item. This fab Vero Moda top is made of the sofest material, as well as the material alternating in pattern. Because of this, the top is a lot more cooler than your average black top and Vero Moda is a cool brand.  I'm unsure of the original price once more but, I bought this bad-boy for £7.99! What a bargain!


I then found myself in Zara (which is always therapeutic), and I was amazed with the items on sale.

For example, this navy blue cotton dress is very cool yet sophisticated; and can be worn in many ways and at many places. This dress is so soft and flattering towards all body shapes as it is not tight fitting but completely repels the silhouette of the body by hanging loosely. It stops at a comfortable knee length which isn't too drowning but doesn't take away that complimentary factor. From the price £25.95 down to £12.99 you simply cannot fault this beaut.

Well, I guess you guys now have a taster of what I like to buy at these stores as well as a little taster of my style. What do you guys buy at these stores? 

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