Friday, 17 October 2014

Zara Wish-List

Hi guys, I've been really looking forward to the new season and what the stores have to bring to the table and let me tell you; Zara have really been filling up the table with the most amazing dishes - you wouldn't believe! Here are a few items that I have been eyeing up recently.

Rubbershoes - £49.99

Ribbed dress - £25.99

Polo Collar top - £25.99

Cropped chino's - £25.99

Structured coat - £79.99

Friday, 22 August 2014

Clothing Haul

Hi guys sorry I have been pretty distant for a while, however I recently bought a few pieces of clothing that have really enlightened my wardrobe and lightened my purse.

TK Maxx

From TK Maxx I bought a numerous amount of things,but what initially caught my eye was this Steve Madden biker jacket. I've seen many biker jackets from many stores however I haven't found one that is long enough, cool enough and that reflects my personality; however this biker jacket ticks all the boxes with the price £59.99 and is a size 'M'. I'm unsure of the original price however all I know is that it was a bloody bargain!

Another item purchased was this Duster Coat which is just an essential that I absolutely LOVE. Ever since I bought this coat I have incorporated it into almost all of my outfits which compliments my simplistic style. The coat stops just at the knee and has a slit at the back. Although it is a duster coat, it is certainly not thick enough to wear during the winter, however can be worn during the summer. Again, unsure of the original price but it was however £29.99.

The last thing I bought from TK Maxx was probably the best buy during the shopping trip, purely because of the price of the item. This fab Vero Moda top is made of the sofest material, as well as the material alternating in pattern. Because of this, the top is a lot more cooler than your average black top and Vero Moda is a cool brand.  I'm unsure of the original price once more but, I bought this bad-boy for £7.99! What a bargain!


I then found myself in Zara (which is always therapeutic), and I was amazed with the items on sale.

For example, this navy blue cotton dress is very cool yet sophisticated; and can be worn in many ways and at many places. This dress is so soft and flattering towards all body shapes as it is not tight fitting but completely repels the silhouette of the body by hanging loosely. It stops at a comfortable knee length which isn't too drowning but doesn't take away that complimentary factor. From the price £25.95 down to £12.99 you simply cannot fault this beaut.

Well, I guess you guys now have a taster of what I like to buy at these stores as well as a little taster of my style. What do you guys buy at these stores? 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


We all know that fashion has evolved and transformed into something much more grand and awe-inspiring, recycled and regenerated to produce the timeless looks that our ancestors would have most likely styled and rocked however can we honestly say that is the case for the complete universe of fashion? Can we genuinely say that is the case for models in todays fashion world?

Over the past few days, I found myself wondering how models of today have got it so easy compared to the models from the 90s. The stress free chauffeur ride to castings and day-to-day activities, escape from all the hassle in the model lounge (probably bitching about the industry and other models, lol) and lets not forget the infinite amount of merchandise received! I mean come on, you would think these girls would be loving the lives they live; but then I started to remember that these are the same girls that have to hustle really hard for castings and work in general.

These girls could queue for hours on end hoping for their 120 second walk at a Miu Miu show for their big break yet still not get the job. I mean sure, the models back in the day probably never got every show they wanted and needed, but the model language has spread like wildfire it's at the point where everyone seems to be fluent. The more models that exist, the harder t is to make it; therefore I don't blame half of these models for doing extravagant things to get noticed and to stay in the limelight because as the fashion universe adapted to the 21st century, the model world was still centuries behind.

You look at the likes of Jourdan Dunn, Cara Delevingne and Edie Campbell and see how much scrutiny they get from their bad publicity (even though it doesn't comply as others have done worse) which is what they have to live with if a tiny mistake is made.

Overall, I just feel like models of today should have it easier, because a lot of them are young therefore these comments could affect them really badly as they grow older. 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Two Piece/ Co-Ordinates

So there have been many trends that have come out to support the SS14 collection and one of the most popular trends ascertained is the "Two Piece/ Co-Ordinates" trend. This trend has been interpreted in many different ways in many different stores to cater to all types of women and girls with all types of styles, body shapes and personalities and I think it's a trend that all  females can enjoy.

I have interpreted this trend in with different stores to give an idea of whats in the market and how the trend can be styled.


Here I have taken the "Reclaimed Tropical Print" two piece and I have styled it with tones such as brown and black to offer a cool vibe towards the outfit. The mid length shorts take away the girly concept of the two piece and reinforce this cool, stylish look. What also reinforces this is are the glasses which aren't the typical metal arm sunglasses but have a flat top which offers more of an androgynous feel to the outfit. I also teamed the outfit with a chunky heeled sandal, a fringed backpack and a some gold accessories which are also trending this SS14. 

This outfit can be worn to a gathering with friends, or on a relaxed meal as features within the outfit compliment each other in order to make the outfit look put together yet causal at the same time.

Asos has many different styled two pieces that can offer this type of image, as well as images that cater to other personalities/females. 


Topshop also sell two pieces, however rather than the typical 'tops and bottoms', Topshop offer two pieces that vary from kimonos and shorts to blazers and shorts. The two piece I have selected to style is the 'Aztec Embroided' two piece. I think this two piece is inviting and mysterious which is why I paired it with this black bralet. 

The choker(s) bring out the colours within the kimono more as they compliment each other, as well as the pop of yellow via the neon yellow bag. this outfit can be worn during the day along with the snakeskin slip ons, or during the evening with the ankle boots. The slip ons create more of a laid back vibe towards the outfit whereas the ankle boots create a dressed up kinda look.


H&M don't necessarily do two pieces (that I could find online anyway) however I have put together a look that can be taken for a two piece. The bralet and shorts are both a type of jersey material which already gives the outfit a relaxed vibe towards it. I think this outfit can be worn on holiday going shopping or just strolling along the beach ayer a long day. The printed shirt can be worn as an over layer or tied around the hips to add more structure to the outfit without the outfit looking too much. The kimono can be added the outfit to bring a little texture (due to the tassels at the bottom) and protection from cheeky breezes in the summer time.  

Although the outfit looks great without much colour, the snakeskin bag brings an oomph due to the texture and pop of red that lurks around the bag; therefore to finalise the outfit I have included these pieces of jewellery to bring the whole look together. 

These are the few two piece/ co-ordinate looks I have styled and put together, however I have styled more looks from other stores on my Polyvore

This is my favourite trend for the summer, what is yours? 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Well I guess this is where the magic happens so let me start of by saying it's going to be fun being a magician (lol). Forget the pun and welcome to my blog! I know I have had this blog for a few years now but I haven't had the confidence to upload anything because of all the negative possibilities that run through my mediocre, female mind; however the phrase 'Carpe Diem' has really put things into perspective for me and as it should for my viewers i guess.

Well, all I can hope for is a few thousand views and a cheeky shoutout from Company Magazine hahaha, enjoy!