Tuesday, 15 July 2014


We all know that fashion has evolved and transformed into something much more grand and awe-inspiring, recycled and regenerated to produce the timeless looks that our ancestors would have most likely styled and rocked however can we honestly say that is the case for the complete universe of fashion? Can we genuinely say that is the case for models in todays fashion world?

Over the past few days, I found myself wondering how models of today have got it so easy compared to the models from the 90s. The stress free chauffeur ride to castings and day-to-day activities, escape from all the hassle in the model lounge (probably bitching about the industry and other models, lol) and lets not forget the infinite amount of merchandise received! I mean come on, you would think these girls would be loving the lives they live; but then I started to remember that these are the same girls that have to hustle really hard for castings and work in general.

These girls could queue for hours on end hoping for their 120 second walk at a Miu Miu show for their big break yet still not get the job. I mean sure, the models back in the day probably never got every show they wanted and needed, but the model language has spread like wildfire it's at the point where everyone seems to be fluent. The more models that exist, the harder t is to make it; therefore I don't blame half of these models for doing extravagant things to get noticed and to stay in the limelight because as the fashion universe adapted to the 21st century, the model world was still centuries behind.

You look at the likes of Jourdan Dunn, Cara Delevingne and Edie Campbell and see how much scrutiny they get from their bad publicity (even though it doesn't comply as others have done worse) which is what they have to live with if a tiny mistake is made.

Overall, I just feel like models of today should have it easier, because a lot of them are young therefore these comments could affect them really badly as they grow older. 

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